Food Vouchers Centrelink: Can Centrelink Help With Food Vouchers?

Centrelink is a crucial service provided by the Australian Government’s Department of Human Services. It is aimed at supporting people with various types of assistance to sustain a better life. Among the various types of support Centrelink offers, food vouchers are one type of support that has emerged as a vital need, especially among low-income individuals and families. But does Centrelink offer help with food vouchers? The answer here is in your favour.

Centrelink and Food Vouchers

One of the primary objectives of Centrelink is to ensure that individuals and families in need have access to basic necessities including food. However, contrary to popular expectation, Centrelink does not directly provide food vouchers. Instead, they provide a range of financial supports which include various types of allowances and payments that can certainly be used towards purchasing food and other essentials.

While this may seem a drawback, Centrelink’s approach is more comprehensive as it helps individuals and families cover a broad spectrum of expenses, food just being one of them.

Centrelink Payments for Food Support

Certain payments from Centrelink can act as indirect food vouchers by providing the means to buy food. For example, the Crisis Payment is a one-off support service provided to people facing extreme financial hardship. This could be used towards food expenditure if required.

Family Tax Benefit, Newstart Allowance, Parenting Payments, Carer Payment, Disability Support Pension, and Age Pension are few examples of the regular financial supports provided by Centrelink which can be effectively used to manage food expenses among other needs.

Additional Assistance

Apart from regular Centrelink payments, there are also some avenues providing food support. Numerous non-governmental organizations and charities across Australia provide food vouchers and hampers to people in need. Some of these organizations collaborate with Centrelink, and therefore, individuals receiving Centrelink benefits can also be eligible to receive additional benefits from these organizations.

Similarly, the ‘No Interest Loans Scheme’ by Good Shepherd Microfinance, a program supported by the Australian Government, allows individuals and families with low income to get small loans without any interest, which can be utilized for various household expenditures including food.

How to apply for food vouchers from centrelink

To apply for food vouchers from Centrelink in Australia, individuals typically need to meet specific criteria and follow certain steps. Here is a general guide on how to apply for food vouchers from Centrelink based on the information provided in the search results:

  1. Eligibility Criteria:
    • Individuals usually need to be eligible for income support from Centrelink to qualify for food vouchers.
  2. Contact Centrelink:
    • Contact Centrelink by calling 132 850 between 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, to inquire about applying for food vouchers.
  3. Crisis Payment:
    • In cases of severe financial hardship following extreme circumstances like natural disasters, individuals may be eligible for a Crisis Payment from Centrelink, which can include assistance with food vouchers.
  4. Referral Requirement:
    • Sometimes, a referral from Centrelink may be necessary to access emergency food relief services or vouchers from organizations like the Salvation Army or Uniting Vic.Tas.
  5. Advance Payment:
    • If already receiving a Centrelink payment, individuals may be able to request an advance payment, which can help with immediate financial needs, including food expenses.
  6. Other Assistance:
    • Apart from food vouchers, Centrelink may provide additional support and referrals to appropriate financial and social support services to prevent future financial crises.

By following these steps and reaching out to Centrelink directly, individuals in need can inquire about and potentially access food vouchers and other forms of emergency assistance provided by Centrelink and affiliated organization.

What documents are required to apply for food vouchers from centrelink

To apply for food vouchers from Centrelink, individuals typically need to provide specific documents for verification. These documents may include:

  • Current identification
  • Health care card or concession card with a current address
  • Centrelink income statement
  • Photo ID
  • Pension card or income statement

These documents are often required to confirm eligibility and ensure that individuals in need receive the necessary assistance with food vouchers from Centrelink.

How often can food vouchers be obtained from centrelink

The frequency at which food vouchers can be obtained from Centrelink may vary depending on individual circumstances and needs. Typically, individuals can access food vouchers from Centrelink as part of emergency assistance during times of severe financial hardship or crisis situations. These vouchers are often provided on a one-off basis to help individuals meet immediate food needs.

It’s important to contact Centrelink directly to inquire about the specific eligibility criteria and frequency of accessing food vouchers based on individual situations.

Is there a limit to the number of times food vouchers can be obtained from centrelink

Yes, there is a limit to the number of times food vouchers can be obtained from Centrelink. According to the information provided in the search results, individuals can typically claim food vouchers a maximum of three times in a six-month period from Centrelink.

This limit is in place to ensure that emergency assistance with food vouchers is provided to those in need while also managing the resources effectively.


While it’s true that Centrelink does not directly provide food vouchers, they certainly provide a broad range of financial supports that indirectly serve the same purpose and cover a wider range of necessary expenses. Therefore, if you or someone you know is struggling to afford food, contact Centrelink to explore the various payments they offer and how they can be utilized to your benefit.


1. Does Centrelink offer food vouchers?

Centrelink does not directly offer food vouchers. However, they provide various financial supports which can be utilized to cover food expenses.

2. Which Centrelink payment can be used for food expenses?

Centrelink offers various payments like the Newstart Allowance, Family Tax Benefit, and Parenting Payments which can be used towards purchasing food.

3. Can I seek help from other organizations for food support if I’m receiving Centrelink benefits?

Yes, numerous non-governmental organizations across Australia provide food support to people in need. Some of these organizations collaborate with Centrelink, so being a Centrelink beneficiary could also make you eligible for additional benefits from these organizations.

4. Can I use the ‘No Interest Loans Scheme’ for food expenses?

Yes, the ‘No Interest Loans Scheme’ can be used to cover various household expenses, including food.

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